June 4, 2020

Louise Dockery

If there is one word on everyone’s lips at the moment, it’s resilience. From our heroic front line workers to business owners looking for a silver lining during these toughest of times. One woman who knows the true meaning of the word is Louise Dockery of Louise Dockery Coaching. She rose to become the Head of Global Account Management at Yahoo, until burnout hit and she made some serious life changes. Louise now offers personalised resilience training and coaching to women. She’s also the wonder woman that got our Emma off her four litre a day Diet Coke habit. Yep, you read that right. Yet even she has struggled to get the very best out of Facebook advertising  when it comes to promoting her work.

After attending  Facebook Ads training workshop, Louise was eager to put into practice what she had learned. She launched an image-based Facebook advertising campaign Resilience in a Crisis, offering users a chance to create a new way of working or learn a new career.   After reviewing the campaign, we showed Louise how she could increase her ad targeting efficiency by breaking down what can appear to be some seriously complex-looking statistics. We explained how she could get more bang for her buck by focusing on a particular age group, and identifying the perfect time to publish her next campaign so she would engage the widest possible audience for her budget

Having those benchmarks in her back pocket will help Louise make her future social media campaigns more targeted and effective. “Before the 24 Fingers course I was spending money on FB ads blindly, and after the course I had a clear step-by-step guide to follow and it worked,” Louise said. “I feel much more confident about spending money on advertising now. What stopped me before was I felt I kept throwing money down the drain. Now I know I don’t mind spending it because I’m confident I can get results or learnings.” Louise is so confident that she’s going to apply what she’s learned to video ads, having honed her skills during daily Facebook live sessions – check them out here (https://www.facebook.com/louisedockerycoach/). Now that’s what we call resilient…

If you would like a helping hand to understanding Facebook Ads, book in a free Discovery Call at www.calendly.com/24fingers where we’ll give you an advertising strategy specifically tailored to your business.


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